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Terms and conditions

1. The Limit undertakes to perform at the event detailed above and the Client shall pay The Limit the agreed Fees and Expenses (if specified) as discussed via email. Full payment shall be made on or before the date of the performance.
2. The Client shall ensure at the Client’s cost that any monies due to the Performing Rights Society in respect of the Performance are paid (usually the responsibility of the Venue).
3. If the Client cancels the performance, for whatever reason, the Client shall immediately notify The Limit of this in writing and pay The Limit a cancellation fee set in relation to the length of notice given prior to the date of the performance:
(a) notice of four weeks or less – 100% of the Fee;
(b) notice of more than four weeks but not more than 8 weeks – 75% of the Fee;
(c) notice of more than 8 weeks but not more than 12 weeks – 50% of the Fee;
(d) notice of more than 12 weeks – 25% of the Fee.
4. If Fees and Expenses are not paid by the date of the Performance, The Limit shall be entitled to charge the Client interest at 2 percentage points above NatWest Bank plc’s base rate from the due date of payment until payment has been received.
5. If The Limit is unable to fulfil, or is delayed in fulfilling, its obligations under this Agreement owing to circumstances beyond The Limit’s reasonable control, The Limit shall inform the Client of this fact as soon as is reasonably practical. Such non-fulfilment or delay shall be deemed not to constitute a breach of this Agreement – should this occur, any monies previously paid in respect of the Performance shall be refunded to the Client and no further fee shall be considered due.
6. This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the location of the Performance and any dispute relating to the subject matter of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction.

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